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Junior and family golf lessons


Program for children aged 7-15, focusing on teaching basic fundamentals and life skills such as patience, dedication, and teamwork.

The program covers golf etiquette, distance, club selection, basic scoring, and on-course training to achieve a Proficiency Certificate.

​For serious golfers seeking Handicaps, it covers club calibrations, distance control short games recovery, essentials putt and on-course training.

​Our program also offers a Continuous learning level for serious golfers, with top students recommended to participate in Junior Golf Competitions.

Junior golf package

Coaching fee                               Group lesson                             

S$700 per pax                             1-4 students (maximum 4)

*Green fee not included.​                                                           

*Student will join new or existing group classes.

Course Duration: 10 hours


Family golf package

Offers a customized program for the entire family, covering swing mechanics and fundamentals, as well as on-course lessons and golf rules.

S$1400 per family                       1 Adult + 1 Child                         

S$1700 per family                       1 Adult + 2 Child                         

S$1700 per family                       2 Adult + 1 Child                         

S$2100 per family                       2 Adult + 2 Child                         

Green fee not included.​

*Students may form their own private group to enjoy the promotional rate.  ​

*7 x 1-hour weekly golf sessions on the driving range, chipping and putting areas, plus 3 hours on-course playing session.

​Course Duration: 10 hours


Location: Mandai Executive Golf Course (subject to changes)


Terms and Conditions:

Require students to make a full payment via paynow to 92708622 before the lesson begins.
Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable, and last-minute cancellations must be notified at least 6 hours in advance.
Students can temporarily discontinue lessons with a valid reason and 2 working days' notice, subject to management approval.
Lessons must be completed within 4 months.
The management is not liable for claims arising from injury, damage, or loss of life during lessons.
Practice golf clubs will be provided.

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