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9 hole Course Playing Lesson - Singapore/Batam, Indonesia

A ABSOLUTE MUST for a player who desire to improve their golf skills; having course playing lesson is crucial in helping them to evaluate the following key elements to score well.

Pre-shot Routine

The best players in the world are able to repeat their routine time and time again, which allow them to manage tension and anxiety. Most amateurs will either play golf without a routine or an inconsistent one. A golf ball is stationary which means it requires very hardly any reactionary movement to strike it. Knowing this, we will evaluate and improve your steps leading up to hitting a golf shot.

Game Management

A golf course is a very large, green chess board and the sooner we realize this the better our scoring will get. We will take a thorough look at each and every hole and how to get around a golf course within our own ability. We will learn how to assess risk with shot selection and pin placement and really learn how to navigate our golf ball through a round of golf.

Short Game

Very few people know that 75% of shots within a given round come from within 120 yards. Knowing this, the fastest way to lower scores is going to be with our wedges and putter.

Additional Elements

What are the high and low percentage shots in scoring zone? 

What are the hazards to be aware of when playing shots?

From there the student will starts to develop a game plan on how to play certain holes on a golf course that they play day in day out.

Course playing lesson                         2 ½ hour 9 hole            

individual                                             S$300 per pax

Group of 2 students                            S$180 per pax

Group of 3-4 students                         S$150 per pax

*Green fee not included

*Students may form their own private group to enjoy the promotional rate

LOCATION: subject to changes

Mandai Executive Golf Course, Singapore

Upper Seletar Reservior

Mandai Road Track 7

Singapore 779384


- Students are expected to make full payment via PayNow  to 92708622, Cash or Cheque before the start of the scheduled golf lesson.

- All payments made are strictly non-refundable.

- There will be no refund or makeup lessons for any absenteeism, late coming or cancellation.

- Last-minute cancellation will not be entertained. Please inform the coach 6 hours in advance if you can not make it for the class. Make-up classes will be up to the coach's discretion.

- Students are required to provide 2 working days' notice to temporarily discontinue golf lessons with a valid reason and is subject to our management's approval.

- In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the management reserves the right to send a relief golf instructor should your assigned golf instructor be unavailable.

- All students are to complete their lessons within 4 months from the date of commencement.

- The management will not be held responsible for any claims arising from injury, damage and or loss of life while attending golf lessons. Students are advised to have their own insurance.

  • Practice golf clubs will be provided during lessons.

  • Course contents & fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

  • Proper Golf attire required.

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