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Junior Golf Lessons


It is always good to start golf early, like the 99% of world-class golfers started playing golf during their childhood. Our Junior program is designed to introduce children to the game in a fun environment whilst teaching them the basic fundamentals of the game and also impart to them important life skills such as patience, dedication and ability to work well in a team environment. Junior age from 7 years up to 16 years.



This program focuses on developing your child’s golfing talent early. Covering the following:

-Appreciate and enjoy the game with sound fundamentals of the golf swing.

-Understanding golf etiquette and golf rules.

-Understanding the distance and club selection.

-Basic scoring & understanding the score-card, maintaining playability skill.

-On-course training when possible as to achieve a Proficient Certificate.



This program focuses on serious golfing youths seeking for handicap. Covering the following:

-Enhancing fundamental, creating speed, developing good tempo, fine tune on irons, fairway woods and driver.

-Importance of short game, club calibration & distance control.

-On-course training whenever possible for course management, mental skills, uneven & difficult

lies, short game recovery, green reading and essentials putt.

-Obtaining a golf handicap by submitting 5 x 18 holes or 10 x 9 holes scorecard, then apply

courtesy round to playing 9 holes on par 72 courses with our handicap committee member.



This program caters for serious golfing youths seeking to sharpen their skills and greater advancement of the game. Top students will be recommended to participate in the Junior Golf Competition held in schools or Clubs.


Junior package for monthly 5-hour lessons

(3 x 1-hour lesson weekly at the range, plus 1 x 2-hour  on-course playing on a monthly basis)

Individual: S$400

Groups of 2: S$250 per person

Groups of 3: S$200 per person

Groups of 4: S$150 per person

*Students are responsible to form their own group to the enjoy the discounted rate

*green fee not included* 

Family Golf Package


This golf package is customized for the entire family to have fun playing and learning golf while spending quality time together creating a greater bonding. The program offers basic training with a good understanding to swing mechanics and fundamentals.



-Fundamentals of set up, grip, posture, ball position, alignment and basic rotation of the swing

-Understanding of weight transfer, swing plane and releasing at impact.

-The proper ways of chipping, pitching and producing balance full swing.

-Swing video analysis, golf Theory.

-Executing wood and driver shots as well as on-course playing lesson covering orientation, golf-  

rules, bunker shots, chipping and putting.

-And finally, Golf Rules and basic Playing Ability Test.


Family package for 10 hour lessons

1 Adult + 1 Child: $1000 per family

1 Adult + 2 Child: $1150 per family

2 Adult + 1 Child: $1250 per family

2 Adult + 2 Child: $1350 per family

*Students are responsible to form their own group to the enjoy the discounted rate

*green fee not included* 


Mandai Executive Golf Course

Upper Seletar Reservoir

Mandai Road Track 7

Singapore 779384



- Students are expected to make full payment by CASH or CHEQUE before the start of the scheduled golf lesson.

- All payments made are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.

- There will be no refund or makeup lessons for any absenteeism, late coming or cancellation.

- Last minute cancellation will not be entertained. Please inform the coach 6 hours in advance if you can not make it for the class.

  Make-up classes will be up to the coach's discretion.

- Students are required to provide 2 working days notice to temporarily discontinue golf lessons with a valid reason and subject to our management approval.

- In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to send a relief golf instructor should your assigned golf instructor be unavailable.

- All students are to complete their lesson within 4 months from the date of commence.

- MyGolfCoach will not be held responsible for any claims arising from injury damage and or loss of life while attending golf lessons. Students are advised to

  have their own insurance.

- Practice golf clubs will be provided during lessons.

- Course contents & fees are subject to change without prior notice.

- Proper Golf attire required.